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Meet the Team


We originally had our wedding on our property with a party tent and washrooms that Michelle's dad built for us. Cardinal Weddings & Event Venue grew from there and we started booking weddings in a party tent. Early in 2023, we explored the idea of moving a barn from Delisle, but due to the extensive costs that idea was put on ice. By the spring of 2023 we added a tiny home to the property and Chris built an outdoor shower. In the summer of 2023 we got the the wild idea to build our own barn and it took off. We are so thankful to all of the couples that have chosen Cardinal Weddings & Event Venue for their special day.

Who We Are

Chris has a background in agriculture, corporate leadership, insurance and more.  Chris has a passion for great music, playing guitar, singing and the outdoors. He was a farm boy and is our resident Jack of all trades around the property.


Michelle has a background in human resources, which started in the hospitality industry. Her free time she is finishing up her masters program, providing freelance consulting, working out, gardening, traveling, and reading. She also enjoys running her kids to sports and events.

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